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Meeting the Diverse Needs of Pet Owners with Automatic and Smart Pet Feeders


Smart feeders are becoming increasingly popular among pet owners due to the many benefits they offer. They provide convenience, customizable feeding schedules, portion control, monitoring, alerts and notifications to ensure pets are well-fed and taken care of. Smart feeders are beneficial for busy pet owners, those with multiple pets or special needs pets, pet owners with travel plans, and health-conscious pet owners who want to manage their pets' weight or health. Essentially, anyone who wants to provide their pets with a convenient and customized feeding solution can benefit from a smart feeder. According to Data Bridge Market Research, the market for automatic and smart pet feeders is predicted to grow at a rate of 12.0% and reach USD 4,519.6 million by 2029. These feeders are designed to dispense a specific amount of food for pets at set intervals, which helps monitor their food intake. The growth of the automatic and smart pet feeder market is being fueled by various factors analyzed by the research firm, such as the increasing trend of modern and technologically advanced homes. Additionally, advancements in technology, such as the integration of video cameras for monitoring pets, are expected to further boost the market's growth. As a leading company in the smart pet product industry, Dogness offers several high-quality feeder products equipped with video cameras, offer several benefits for pet owners, such as:

  1. Live Video Monitoring: The built-in camera in Dogness smart feeders allows pet owners to monitor their pets' eating habits in real-time through a live video feed. This can help pet owners keep an eye on their pets' behavior and make sure they’re eating their meals properly.
  2. Customizable Feeding Schedule: Dogness smart feeders can be programmed to dispense food at specific times of the day, ensuring that pets are fed on a regular schedule. This can be especially helpful for pet owners with busy schedules or for pets who need to be fed at specific times.
  3. Portion Control: Their smart feeders have a portion control feature that allows pet owners to set the amount of food that is dispensed. This can be helpful for managing pets' weight and ensuring that they are eating the right amount of food.
  4. Easy to Clean: Feeders are designed to be easily to be cleaned and maintained, with removable parts that can be washed by hand and in some cases in a dishwasher.
  5. Alerts and Notifications: The Dogness app can send push notifications to pet owners' smartphones when the feeder is low and needs to be refilled or when a feeding has completed.

Dogness smart feeders with video cameras are equipped with HD 1080P 165-degree wide-angle camera with night Vision, enabling you to see, hear, treat and interact with your pet in real-time using the free Dogness App and to take photos and record videos directly onto your smartphone from a remote location.


Stay connected with your furry friends, while you're away from home! Visit the Dogness product page and discover how smart feeders can help manage your pets' weight and health as you interact with your beloved companions.