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Q. Why is the water flow pressure low or stopped flowing?

A. Clean the internal parts of the pump. The below video shows how to clean the pump.


Q. Where can I order a replacement pump and how do I install it?

A. Pumps can be ordered from the Accessories page. The below video shows how to remove and install a fountain pump.


Q. Are the Fountains dishwasher safe?

A. No, please hand wash with soap and water only

Q. How often should I clean the fountain?

A. The fountain should be cleaned at least once per week to ensure the fountain is in optimum working condition.

Q. Can I use the Fountain outdoors?

A. No, the fountain is rated for indoor use only

Q. How often should I change the filters?

A.  Filters should be changed every 30-45 days to maintain water quality and the fountains performance.

Q. What size filters does the 1Liter Mini Fountain and 2L Fountain use?  Where can I find them?

A.  3.5" L x 2.25" W x .50" H. These filters can be ordered here:

Q. What size filters does the 3.2 Fountain Plus use?  Where can I find them?

A. 5.18" L x 2.25" W x .50" H.  These filters can be order here:

Q. I need additional help with my fountain, what should I do?

A. Call or email us 9AM - 6PM (CST), M-F at 833-364-6337.  Email: