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Smarter Way to Maintain Pet's Nutritional Well-Being via Smart Feeder

The rise of Smart Automation in households has led to a surge in demand for automated and intelligent pet feeders. As the pandemic induced feelings of stress and isolation, many individuals sought comfort in adopting pets, thereby prompting a rise in pet ownership during lockdown. Those working from home often struggle to balance work and pet care, leaving little time to attend to their pets' feeding and hydration needs. To ensure optimal health for pets, it is crucial that they are fed at appropriate intervals with precise portions. Moreover, automatic pet feeders are designed to provide pets with nutritious meals at regular intervals. The growing concern about pet obesity and liver disease has further fueled the need for automatic pet feeders (Reports and Data, 2022).

Automatic and intelligent feeders can be very beneficial for pets like dogs and cats for several reasons:

  1. Consistency: Automatic feeders provide a consistent feeding schedule for your pets. This can help regulate their eating habits and prevent overeating, which can lead to health problems like obesity.
  2. Convenience: With automatic feeders, you don't have to worry about being home at specific times to feed your pets. You can set the feeder to dispense food at certain times of the day, even if you're not there.
  3. Portion control: Automatic feeders can be programmed to dispense specific amounts of food, which can help control portion sizes and prevent your pets from eating too much.
  4. Health monitoring: Some automatic feeders come with features that allow you to monitor your pet's eating habits, such as the amount of food they're consuming and when they're eating. This can help you identify any changes in your pet's appetite or behavior that may indicate a health problem.
  5. Peace of mind: With automatic feeders, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pets are being fed on a regular schedule, even if you're not home. This can help reduce stress and anxiety for both you and your pets.
  6. Reduces Mealtime Anxiety: Some pets may experience anxiety or stress around mealtime, especially if they have to wait for their owner to come home to be fed. Automatic feeders can help alleviate this anxiety by providing consistent, timely meals without the need for human intervention.
  7. Prevents Food Aggression: If you have multiple pets that may compete for food or have food aggression issues, automatic feeders can help. You can program the feeder to dispense food for each pet at separate times, so they can eat without any competition or aggression.
  8. Saves Time and Money: Automatic feeders can save you time and money in the long run. You don't have to spend time feeding your pets multiple times a day, and you can control the portion sizes to prevent overfeeding. Additionally, automatic feeders can prevent your pets from getting into the habit of begging for food or scavenging for scraps, which can save you money on vet bills related to obesity or digestive issues

Among them, consistent Feeding Schedule, portion control, avoiding hunger and overeating cycles and right portion sizes help you better plan the right amount of food and nutrients they need for optimal health even though it is still important to select high-quality food and consult with your veterinarian to ensure that your pet's specific nutritional needs are being met.

The Dogness line of Smart and Automatic feeders are equipped with more advanced features, amplifying their efficacy and convenience including:  

  1. Camera: HD 1080P 165-degree Wide-angle camera with Night Vision allows you to take photos and record videos directly onto your smartphone, with no cloud storage fees ever!
  1. App-Controlled: The Dogness Smart and Automatic Feeder can be controlled using a smartphone app. This allows pet owners to easily schedule feedings, adjust portion sizes, and monitor their pet's feeding habits from anywhere.
  1. Programmable: Easy to use front panel controls the set up, portions and, feeding times without the need for the internet or an App.

    Additionally, here are further quality characteristics of the Dogness automatic and intelligent feeders.

    1. Voice Recording: The feeder allows pet owners to record a custom voice message that will play when it's time for their pet's meal. This can help pets feel more comfortable and less anxious during mealtime.
    2. Portion Control: The feeder allows pet owners to set portion sizes for each meal, which can help prevent overfeeding and promote healthy eating habits.
    3. Automatic Dispensing: The feeder automatically dispenses food at the scheduled time, ensuring that pets are fed on a consistent schedule.
    4. Easy to Clean: The feeder has a removable food tray and hopper, making it easy to clean and maintain.
    5. Various Capacity: The feeder has a various capacities from 2 Liters to up to 9 Liters of dry food, which is suitable for all sized pets including larger dogs or multiple pets.                             

    Discover the ideal automatic or smart feeder that suits your furry companions, granting you greater flexibility and autonomy in managing their nutritional well-being.